A while back we introduced Edu-Insights to our platform. The idea was to provide educators with some actionable insights about how students are learning on the system. We also started providing some other key metrics for Institutes to gauge their own performance. Although the implementation had its own minor bugs but when we showed it to our associated institutes, they just loved it 🙂

Today I am happy to announce few more updates to Edu-Insights, which we are sure will help Educators not only in their everyday use, but also in long term. This blog looks at some recent updates which we have made on top of our existing Edu-Insights, which you can read more about here.

Student Interaction Platform

Educators can now see on which platform students are interacting with them digitally. We show Android and Windows icon next to their names to indicate the platform. In EduCoach institutes can also provide access to any specific platform if needed and so this helps in monitoring that in a quick glance.

Student’s Last Active Time

We are also now sharing data of student’s last active time in the platform. This key insight is definitely very helpful for educators to see quickly which student is studying or interacting regularly and which student is not in a batch of students.

From the image above its very easy to derive that a particular student, who has been on-boarded successfully on the system, has not been interacting with the platform and thereby not learning from the content that the institute is sharing with the students. Institute can easily look at helpful insight and follow-up with the student and help them in case the student is facing any issues.

Individual Student’s Video Activity

In our previous version, we were showing insight into every study video. We were sharing a list of all the students and the duration of the video they have viewed. But now we are happy to share all the video viewing history of every individual student as well. So now Institute can see in one quick glance all the videos that any given student has seen and whether they have seen videos completely or not. This powerful insight enables educators to provide attention to individual students, even when teaching online.

From above we can easily see that the student is watching videos that are being shared regularly. We can also derive that some videos have not been viewed completely by the student, so if needed Institute can easily reach out to the student and nudge them to look at the video completely.

To Conclude

We at EduCoach believe that the role of technology should be to enable teachers in doing things that are not possible in traditional methodologies or to simplify the laborious tasks of educators thereby giving them more time to do things that truly matter. With these new insightful data and reports, we are sure that institutes will be able to give better attention to individual students and help students in succeeding in their exams.

We are constantly improving and innovating based on what institutes need and how we can help them better in teaching, managing and growing online. If you are an institute that is looking to make the transition from offline to online smart campus, EduCoach Pro has you covered. To know more about EduCoach Pro and how it helps institutes grow online read our insightful blog here. We also offer windows based secure desktop app EduWin Pro, which is a completely white-labeled learning management system, it works seamlessly with EduCoach Pro.

We are a young Startup India recognized startup, but we let our product speak for us. EduCoach is not just better than most of its competitors but is very different. To know more about this difference in the approach we invite you to read our small blog that highlights these key differences. You can try EduCoach for free for 15 days without any payment, just sign-up for demo and our team will contact you soon with your account details.

We understand that there is nothing more fulfilling for institutes than to see their students succeed in various exams. For us, at EduCoach there is no better joy than to see our associated institutes succeed in doing just that! We wish all the institutes and students all the best in their future endeavors.

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