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digital classroom


Conduct Interactive Classes Online

Keep Students updated with their study material, videos, circulars, assignments, schedule changes in just few clicks.

Teach efficiently

Everyday Tasks made Easier

With EduCoach’s beautifully designed app managing your everyday work is super simple. Whether its taking attendance, sharing notes, assignments, contacting students etc, all can be done from the app.

Students are updated immediately with push notifications


Get Everyone Onboard

EduCoach gives institutes complete flexibility to add all its teaching and non-teaching staff. Institutes can assign roles to staff members and configure access to various modules of EduCoach.

So get everyone onboard, increase collaboration, streamline communication and increase work efficiency.

Institute's Digital Wellness

We have designed EduCoach keeping Administrators, Teachers, Staff-members, Parents and Students, all in mind and so everyone stands to benefit from it.

Teach Online

Teach Online

One-stop solution to all your teaching and communication needs with students, teaching staff and parents.

Manage Online

Digitize time consuming tasks and minimize paper usage to save on stationary cost.

Online Exams

Grow Online

Re-engage with your prospective students, collect leads and create permanent digital presence


Take your Institute
Online TODAY!

EduCoach comes bundled with many amazing features that will surely be appreciated by your Students, Parents, Staff Members and Institute Administrators.

Do You Have Any Questions?

We take your trust very seriously and have invested a great deal to build the most reliable and secure platform

If you need help setting up your account or need assistance in migrating to EduCoach, our Customer Support is ready to spring into action. EduCoach support can be reached at [email protected]

EduCoach consists of a web dashboard and an android app. You can access our dashboard anytime from anywhere. Our mobile app can be downloaded from google playstore to stay connected on the go.

We are confident that you will find EduCoach useful. You will have unlimited access to EduCoach for the free trial period. Once you realize how EduCoach can add value to your institute, you can choose from any of our plans.

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