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We are often asked by institutes what is the difference between EduCoach and some of our biggest competitors. Here we would like to give some detailed analysis to our readers why EduCoach is a worthy alternative and how it is different from some of the most commonly available coaching management and learning management systems.

1. Your Students, Your Institute, Your App!

We acknowledge that your institute has spent years creating an identity for itself and so EduCoach doesn’t try to take it away. EduCoach gives complete freedom to you to take their operations online without having to worry about their students’ privacy or someone else trying to sell something to them. For us, our customers are the institutes as opposed to some of the other service providers who are more interested in selling to your students.

Don’t believe us? Internet is filled with such horror stories, but big marketing budget allows such stories to be suppressed. A simple search on YouTube, with such service provider’s name, followed by word scam, will reveal it all. EduCoach doesn’t have any ulterior motive other then offering its services to institute, using which it can teach, manage and grow online.

2. Marketing Vs R&D Focused

While we do spend on marketing, our focus has always been more on R&D efforts which can help us in simplifying more everyday tasks for institutes related to teaching, managing and growing online. Our R&D efforts have helped us in not only offering our product on mobile devices but also in providing solutions like EduWin Pro, which works as a great companion app for EduCoach on Windows desktop. With online classes being preferred medium of education, we are also planning to soon launch EduCoach on Android TV as well, to give students the flexibility to view at a bigger screen, thereby reducing the eye strain.

Thanks to our R&D efforts we are able to provide some differentiated features to our institutes like:

  • Dynamic Watermarking of Content with Student Information.
  • Multi-batch assigning to a student.
  • Multi profile support on a single mobile number.
  • Device Locking to access student account from only a single mobile device.
  • First of its type EduCoach Pro app, which takes white-labeling to a different level.
  • Scheduling of Study Videos.
  • Dynamic Watermarking and Download permission specification on Study Materials.
  • Secure Sharing of Study Videos & Study Materials with only specific students when needed.
  • Support for the Hindi language for the sharing of content with students.
  • Subject-based restriction for students in a batch.
  • Batch and Subject-based restriction on Teachers if needed.

and so much more, with a few more neat features already in development pipeline, such as:

  • Offline Videos.
  • Conducting Subjective Exams Online.
  • Android TV Compatible App.
  • Doubt Forum.

3. Complexity Simplified

While popular systems are more focused on solving simple tasks for tutors and medium-sized institutes, we at EduCoach are putting efforts in simplifying even complex tasks, so that EduCoach can become an integral part of your institute. You will be happy to know that one of our Institute is managing 450+ Batches with 40+ Subjects easily and conveniently using EduCoach.

So no matter the size of your institute, EduCoach is designed to simplify your complex tasks. Whether it is teaching, managing or growing online, we are your companion and we are always coming up with new updates to help our institutes to the best of our abilities. Do you want to grow your institute, read these 7 Great Ways to Grow Institute Online.

4. Why just Teach or Manage, when you can Teach, Manage and Grow!

EduCoach is committed to enabling institutes in teaching, managing institute, and opening more frontiers to grow online. We are constantly innovating and refining EduCoach to help us stay true to our commitment. In this pursuit, we started offering EduCoach Pro, which is not just any other white-labeled solution, but our offering which works for you. It offers a detailed glimpse of the institute to prospective students and acts as a great medium for marketing. It gives institutes a way to re-engage with prospective students. To know more on how EduCoach Pro offers more value for buck to institutes, read our insightful blog here.

5. User Acquisition vs User Retention Philosophy

From the very beginning, we at EduCoach were more inclined to build relationships with our institutes that go beyond just EduCoach features and pricing. We want to become technology partner of the institutes to help them in any minor or major tech-related challenge that they may face. We have so far succeeded in forging a strong relationships with institutes associated with us and hope to keep it the same way as we grow every day. Institutes love us, don’t believe us, just give us a call at +91-6260-9696-47. We are here to help you!

BONUS: Completely Modular Ecosystem

Our team has put in a lot of effort to create a completely modular ecosystem of features that enrich the overall user experience of the institutes. Institutes have complete flexibility to enable/disable any feature in the app, assign permission and privileges across all different user roles, to truly make the app their own institute’s app. EduCoach can adapt to the Institute’s workflow instead of the other way around.

We are a young Startup India recognized startup, but we let our product speak for us. You can try EduCoach for free for 15 days without any payment, just sign-up for demo and our team will contact you soon with your account details. We wish all our readers all the very best in all their future endeavors.

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