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EduCoach is leading the way with Industry-First Pro module, which is not only white-labeled coaching management solution to provide increase brand recognition, but it also has a dedicated “Guest Mode”, which tremendously helps in giving a guided tour of your institute to a prospective student, thereby increasing the chance of converting an inquiry to a student.

What is EduCoach Pro?

In short EduCoach Pro is everything that you expect of a white-labeled coaching management solution, but it takes it up to the next level by offering features that no other solution in market can. Some highlights are:

  • Dedicated Guest Mode.
  • Powerful Medium to Engage Inquiries.
  • Effective Lead Collection Mechanism.
  • Showcasing Demo Study Videos.
  • Sharing Dynamically Watermarked Demo Study Material.
  • Enable Student Self-Registration.

To know more about the above mentioned points in detail please checkout our EduCoach Pro details page here.

Why Guest Mode is a Big Thing?

Simple answer is having a guest mode gives more value for buck to the institutes. We know that institutes spend a lot of time, effort and money for reaching out to their potential students, either through traditional marketing or through digital marketing. But once the potential student actually shows interest, the institutes lack a way to keep these inquiries engaged. Institutes either call or worst keep spamming the prospective student with SMS, which not only is less effective but also infuriating to students.

We identified this problem so that coaching institutes can engage the inquiries in a better way. EduCoach Pro is the only white-labeled coaching management solution that gives Institutes the ability to share study videos, study materials, latest updates about the institute, and much more with the inquiries. Thus ensuring nurturing of leads and inquiries and giving institutes a higher chance to convert them to students.

But we have Social Medium platforms for that, so why EduCoach Pro?

Imagine this: a prospective student walks into your institute, or calls your institute after viewing your ad. After informing him/her about the details about your institute you inform them about liking your Facebook page, subscribing them to your YouTube Channel, and to follow you on Instagram or Twitter or maybe both so that you can share all the information with your prospective student. Do you honestly feel that a new prospective student will do that? The answer is NO! This is where all your re-engagement fails and you have to spend again to re-engage with the prospective students by using more expensive re-targeting paid digital ads.

The easy way is to just inform the prospective student to download your app. No name, no phone number needed from the students. Once they do download your app, it will stay there for a long time (as stats show) giving you a wider window of time to re-engage with the prospective student again and again over the period easily and conveniently.

Source: Simform.com

With EduCoach Pro, you can now engage with prospective students all from one place. Earlier you might have needed multiple channels for it but that is no longer needed for re-engagement. For example:

  1. You can share study videos with them anytime. Earlier for which you would have needed them to subscribe to your YouTube Channel.
  2. You can share study material for which you earlier needed your website or Facebook page.
  3. You can keep them updated with the latest news about your institute for which you would have earlier needed them to follow you on Twitter or like your Facebook page.
  4. Share pics of your institute events, results, promotional images, for which you would have earlier needed them to follow you on Instagram or Facebook.

So now you can see how EduCoach Pro is not just any other white-labeled coaching management solution, but with just one app, you now get the power of many social channels.

But we have thousands of likes on our Facebook page, so why use EduCoach Pro?

To answer simply, Likes ≠ Reach. If you have ever dived into the analytics section of your posts, you will find that the post was actually shared with very small percentage of your users in most cases. You can only reach to more users if the post is boosted, making you pay again for your post.

Source : www.digitalmarketingcommunity.com

With EduCoach Pro, all the prospective students who have downloaded the app will get notified via push notification about the new study video, study material or any other kind of content that you have freshly posted immediately so you can reach to an audience that has already interacted with you before.

So should we stop using Facebook or other social channels?

No! Social channels are important to build a community. Institutes can build a powerful community of their existing students and passed-out students using such channels, but these channels are less effective in getting your message across with prospective students or engaging your inquiries again and again over a period of time. Asking a new prospective student to like or follow Institute account, where they are aware that a lot of information is shared with the account owner, is generally frowned upon by the prospective students.

Wait! But don’t we have website to share all information with our inquiries?

True, you can share information with your prospective students through your website as well, but know this that websites are pull-based information provider, while apps are push-based information provider. Your inquiry has to keep coming back to your website, then only they will get an update about the fresh updates you might have made to your website, while with the app you can inform them of fresh content by pushing a push notification.

This is the very reason how big companies like Amazon can keep bringing users back to their platform. By pushing information about a new sale, new discount coupon, or through any other content suitable for users. Ability to notify users using push notifications is a very powerful medium to re-engage with your inquiries or prospective students again and again, which is simply not possible with the website alone.

So I don’t need website for our institute?

You surely do! You need a website to get traffic and get online recognition. A SEO optimized website can get you lot of inquiries, but as we mentioned above, in order to keep the communication open between your institute and the prospective students, you need a way to re-engage your inquiries or prospective students and that is where you need EduCoach Pro.

So what should we do next?

We told you everything that you can do with EduCoach Pro, and how it is not just another white-labeled coaching management solution. We are sure that it will help you take your institute to the newer heights. We hope we have answered your queries, but you are more than welcome to ask any queries that you may have with us. Just email us at [email protected].

We are a young Startup India recognized startup, but we let our product speak for us. You can try EduCoach for free for 15 days without any payment, just sign-up for demo and our team will contact you soon with your account details. Our plans are very nominal and our pricing is transparent. You can know more about it on our Pricing page.

We wish all our readers all the very best in all their future endeavors 👍

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