EduCoach delivers high video content security

Every day more and more coaching institutes are coming online and becoming a part of the digital revolution. With Institutes creating high-quality videos, it is important to deliver video content security on the platform. At EduCoach, we consider video content security not as an optional requirement but of the highest importance.

How EduCoach protect videos?

To begin with, we at EduCoach ensure that your video reaches only the students that you intend to share with. Once the video is visible to only intended users we also put necessary safeguards in places to deliver high video content security. These safeguards are:

  • Video Link Protection
  • Video Download Protection
  • Screen Recording Protection
  • Advanced Dynamic Watermarking

Together with above mentioned techniques and protected content delivery we are able to deliver high video content security on our platform. So now institutes can put their worries to rest and focus on creating high quality video for their students and let us handle video content security.

What is Video Link Protection?

In EduCoach you don’t need to re-upload video lesson files to another secured space, you can simply host it for free at some of the popular video hosting platforms and directly put the video link on EduCoach platform to share with intended students.

The links that you put to the platform are then protected through link encryption technology, which creates an encrypted version of the link that can be only decrypted by our platform, so your video links are secured. Along with encryption, the direct, as well as encrypted links, are never accessible to any student to avoid unintended sharing, thereby ensuring video link protection for high video content security.

How EduCoach Protects Videos from Downloading?

EduCoach uses many popular techniques to deliver video lessons security. Among them the most vital is that we never let users interact directly with the video player. The video player is actually embedded inside another video player, and so we get complete control on how the users can interact with any videos in our platform. Due to our custom video player, we have been able to avoid most of the common hacks that are employed to download and pirate the video lessons. Encrypted video links also enable us to restrict unintentional downloads, thus enabling us in delivering high video content security.

What is Screen Recording Protection?

We are happy to inform that apart from protecting institute’s video lessons from unintended sharing and downloads, EduCoach also protects videos by restricting screen capturing and screen recording when the videos are being played. On EduCoach, if a user tries to do screen recording then all they get is a black screen in the captured recorded video. With more and more users having access to screen-recording software and apps it is no longer a good-to-have feature but an essential requirement in delivering video content security.

What is Advanced Dynamic Watermarking?

Most institutes are aware of watermarking of video lessons. But in our study we found, that either institutes lack tools to watermark or they do it in a less effective way. EduCoach provides an easy and convenient way to fix both this shortcoming.

EduCoach automatically watermarks the videos with Institute Name, so you need not worry about post-processing video with watermark. We also identified that in most cases the Institute put their logo in the bottom right or top left of the videos. This approach is less effective as anyone can put another image on top of the fixed position of the watermark easily. At EduCoach we don’t fix watermark in one position, but the position, as well as the color of the watermark, keeps changing after a certain interval of time, thus making it very tiresome work for anyone to rebrand and pirate the video.

What if someone records video through an external camera?

We realized that even after doing all the above things, its very easy for someone to just record the video playing on device, through an external camera. To provide protection from this, we have taken our dynamic watermarking technology, one step forward. On videos that are shared with users, we are not just showing a dynamic watermark with Institute Name, but also adding user specific details like name, number below it. With that in place, if the user tries to pirate a video lesson and share, Institutes can identify easily which specific user has leaked the video.

As a psychological deterrent, we also place a warning on every video section, that the video is property of institute and any unauthorized sharing can be legally challenged.

Your Videos are Safe!

Protecting digital assets will always be a challenge, and although no platform can guarantee 100% protection, we can ensure you that we do consider video content security as our highest priority. We hope we have answered your queries on video content security, but you are more than welcome to ask any queries that you may have with us. Just email us at [email protected].

To know more about EduCoach please do visit our website. EduCoach is trusted by some of the leading institutes for their digital operations. EduCoach is not just another white-labeled coaching management solution, it is a solution that Coaching Institute’s need. Learn more about how EduCoach can sky-rocket your institute’s growth with EduCoach Pro here.

We are a young Startup India recognized startup, but we let our product speak for us. You can try EduCoach for free for 15 days without any payment, just sign-up for demo and our team will contact you soon with your account details. Our plans are very nominal and our pricing is transparent. You can know more about it on our Pricing page.

We wish all our readers all the very best in all their future endeavors.

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