Still, sharing links of your study videos on SMS and Whatsapp with your students? Now do more with your study videos in EduCoach, safely and securely.

Grant Timed Access

Easily specify Start Time and End Time while adding the study videos. Start time enables you to schedule videos for the future while end time enforces students to watch the video before the specified time, ensuring no student of yours lag behind.

Share Individually

You can share videos with entire batch or multiple batches in EduCoach, but now you can conveniently share Study videos with individual an student or group of students securely. You can also give timed access to these videos too.

Study Video Stats Report

Get a complete statistical report of each video to see how much of the video each student has seen and derive if any particular student needs some assistance. Enabling personal attention digitally!

Video Timeline

Let your students easily skip to a specific time in the video, by specifying a video timeline to your Study Videos. Convenient features your students will truly love.

Demo Study Videos

We are constantly trying to innovate so that our students can grow at rapid pace. With EduCoach Pro, we give you many such tools to re-engage your prospective students and convert them into registered students. One such feature of EduCoach Pro is the ability to showcase demo study videos. With access to these demo videos, your prospective students will get a much feel of better classroom experience digitally.

You can read more about some great ways in which EduCoach Pro can help your institute grow in our blog here.

Grow Coaching Classes Online

Encrypted Offline Videos

Now easily share encrypted videos with students and batches. Students can download and save videos for offline viewing, whenever and wherever they want. These encrypted videos can be viewed only within the app.

For your convenience, we have employed strict encryption technologies, which not only makes the videos almost impossible to decrypt but also gives you complete flexibility to change video file name or use this same video with any other course, batch or subject without any need to encrypting the video again.

To Conclude..

We told you everything that you can do with Study Videos in EduCoach, and how it is not just another solution. We are sure that it will help you take your institute to newer heights. We hope you will find our features interesting. You are welcome to ask any queries that you may have with us, just email us at [email protected].

We are a young Startup India recognized startup, but we let our product speak for us. You can try EduCoach for free for 15 days without any payment, just sign-up for the demo and our team will contact you soon with your account details. Our plans are very nominal and our pricing is transparent. You can know more about it on our Plans page.

We wish all our readers all the very best in all their future endeavors

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