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The best virtual classroom and learning management system just got even better. With EduCoach Pro V 2.0 we are introducing new features that will help institutes even more in Teaching, Managing and Growing your institute online.

Teach Better!

We have introduced some great features to improve the overall teaching experience for faculties as well as for students. We are constantly interacting with Teachers and Institutes and that has helped to make EduCoach Pro v2.0 an even better virtual classroom and learning management system. Some of the key highlights are:

  • Scheduling of Videos
    Now institutes can schedule videos to show to students at some future date and time. We not only show the students the video will unlock at a particular time, but in order to keep the student’s experience clean, we only show them the upcoming videos from the current day which are scheduled.

  • End Time for Videos
    Institutes can easily associate a date and time with any video post which the videos will not be visible to students. This feature is immensely useful as for timely revision of course content, institutes have to often manually delete these shared videos in the past.
  • Study Videos screen overhaul
    We have massively improved the study videos and study material experience for students in our app, where they can easily see the latest videos updated by the institute, currently active live classes and also all the videos organized by the subjects for easy revision.
    virtual classroom
  • Introduction to tags
    We have also introduced tags for study videos and study materials. This will not only help in organizing the content internally for the institute, but it will also enable students inside the app to browse the related study videos and study materials through tags easily.

With these new updates we wish to lessen some more manual work for teachers and assist them in teaching online and conducting virtual classroom. The updates are also to help students with the daily learning as well as for quick subject and topic-wise revision. We hope these new updates will help teachers teach better and students to learn better.

Manage Effectively!

We are excited to inform you that EduCoach Pro V2.0 now has some nifty features up its sleeves to help Institutes manage their virtual classroom better. Some of the latest updates includes:

  • Updated Fees Management System
    We have developed a completely new installment based fee management system for institutes. The system is so flexible that it can easily adapt to any institute’s fee requirement and can help them in collecting dues on time. Another useful feature added is to keep records of any fee adjustment that the institute might have done for student fee allocation, to give institute owners a complete report of fee adjustments in a glance.
  • Quick Announcements
    Though the feature has always been there, it was previously named as Activities. We have renamed this as we realized institutes were not understanding the use of it because of the misnomer. We changed the name and now Institutes are using it without any troubles. We have also updated the way in which the announcements are delivered to students to user experience.

  • Restricted Mode for Teaching Staff
    Institutes can apply restrictions on teaching staff members to give them access to only those batches and subjects that a teaching staff member teaches.
  • Device Locking
    EduCoach Pro gives the flexibility to restrict multi-device access for students. Also in a situation when a student wishes to change their device they can easily do so, and all that is needed by the institute is to use the clear device button on the student profile in the dashboard to grant them access to login to the app from the new device.
  • Student Specific Sharing
    With most virtual classroom and learning management system, content is shared with the entire batch, but now Institutes can share study video or study material with any specific student(s) as well. Institute can also give timed access to the students for the study video. This can help with the backup classes and revisions greatly.

With the new updates we hope that institutes will be able to manage their operations effectively.

Grow Further!

We are committed to higher growth for our institutes and staying true to this, we have made some wonderful changes that will help institutes in growing further. Some of these are:

  • Testimonials Section
    Guests are now also shown testimonials for the institutes to generate more social proof for the institute based on the happy feedbacks received by past students.

  • Social Connect
    Institutes can now easily put links of their Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp channels in the app, which can help in getting more likes and follows from students and thereby more interaction on social channels, thereby generating more social proof useful for the overall growth.
  • Star Ratings and Reviews
    EduCoach Pro not only allows institutes to collect ratings and reviews for teaching staff members but now it can also help institutes in using this as a marketing medium by showing the latest good ratings and reviews for any teaching staff in their profile page.

  • Teaching Staff Showcasing
    We now give complete flexibility to institutes in revealing teaching staff members of the institute and also give a short and long description of these members.

More Coming Soon..

We are constantly improving and innovating based on what institutes need and how we can help them better in teaching, managing and growing online. If you are an institute that is looking to make the transition from offline to online virtual classroom, give EduCoach Pro has you covered. To know more about EduCoach Pro and how it helps institutes grow online read our insightful blog here. We also offer windows based secure desktop app EduWin Pro, which is a completely white-labeled learning management system, it works seamlessly with EduCoach Pro.

We are a young Startup India recognized startup, but we let our product speak for us. EduCoach is not just better than most of its competitors but is very different. To know more about this difference in the approach we invite you to read our small blog that highlights these key differences. You can try EduCoach for free for 15 days without any payment, just sign-up for demo and our team will contact you soon with your account details. We wish all our readers all the very best in all their future endeavors.

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