We are happy to announce yet another update to our system, this time to help institutes with a much deeper and better data and reports to help them manage their online classes with ease and give more attention to things if needed.

With this new update institutes get the following new insightful data and reports.

1. Student Onboarding Status

Now institutes can easily view which of their students have started using the app by successfully completing the onboarding process. This will assist institutes in identifying those students who have logged in successfully and those who have not logged in yet to the app. This critical data can help institutes in identifying which students are not studying online or in contacting the students and assist them if needed.

2. Detailed Individual Video Viewing Analysis

Institutes rely heavily on the recorded videos to impart knowledge. Not only these videos are completely secure in EduCoach platform, but now EduCoach even shares with institutes the vital data that how many students have watched the video that is shared with them. Not only that, but we also show how much of a video the student has actually watched. This can greatly help institutes in identifying the students who are not regularly watching the videos.

3. Student Registered Successfully Alert

We identified that it can sometimes happen that the student applies for registration by filling the form, and when their registration is accepted by the institute, they either miss the push notification or SMS that is sent by the system. Due to this, students miss out on the various study videos, study materials, and other information shared by the institute while they are logged out. To simplify this experience, we have now created an alert that will remain consistent and inform the registered student to log in every time they open the app.

Other Vital Data and Reports

We would also like to inform that apart from these new data and reports, EduCoach also generates following reports to assist institute in their daily operations for teaching, managing and growing online. These are:

  • Institute Feedback and Rating report.
  • Teaching Staff Feedback and Rating report.
  • Fees Collection report, institute wide and batch-wise.
  • Fees Due report, institute wide and batch-wise.
  • Fees Adjustment Report.
  • Export of student data, overall and batch-wise.
  • Attendance Reports, batch and student wise, for each subject.
  • Performance Reports for Students.
  • Exam Results and Analysis.
  • Expense Management and Reporting.
  • Lead Management and Reporting.
  • Inquiry Management and Reporting.
  • Student Referrals Management and Reporting.

Please note some of the reports mentioned above, might not be available for all plans, as some of these are part of premium features.


With these new insightful data and reports, we are sure that institutes will be able to give better attention to individual students and help students in succeeding their exams.

We are constantly improving and innovating based on what institutes need and how we can help them better in teaching, managing and growing online. If you are an institute that is looking to make the transition from offline to online virtual classroom, EduCoach Pro has you covered. To know more about EduCoach Pro and how it helps institutes grow online read our insightful blog here. We also offer windows based secure desktop app EduWin Pro, which is a completely white-labeled learning management system, it works seamlessly with EduCoach Pro.

We are a young Startup India recognized startup, but we let our product speak for us. EduCoach is not just better than most of its competitors but is very different. To know more about this difference in the approach we invite you to read our small blog that highlights these key differences. You can try EduCoach for free for 15 days without any payment, just sign-up for demo and our team will contact you soon with your account details.

We understand that there is nothing more fulfilling for institutes then to see their students succeed in various exams. For us, at EduCoach there is no better joy than to see our associated institutes succeed! We wish all the institutes and students all the best in their future endeavors.

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