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With more institutes coming online, it has become very important for institutes to rethink and revisit their online presence and marketing strategy. Institutes need to make their online presence felt and not think of online as just a platform to engage with their students. In this article, we would like to share a few pointers that can help grow Coaching Classes Online and get more student registration.

1. Give Potential Students Glimpse of Institute

It is very important for potential students to feel a connection with your institute. Sharing images of events, institute infrastructure, and facilities and giving them information about the various teaching staff is a good way to share a glimpse of your institute with a prospective student. Keeping your social channels & local listings pages updated can help get more students online.

2. Share Demo Study Videos

Many institutes offer live demo classes to prospective students before they make the decision to enroll themselves. This helps students know their institute and teaching staff better. The same applies to the digital medium as well. It is very important for institutes to either share free demo study videos with students or allow them to be a part of your current online batches for a limited time so that they can experience classroom content before enrolling themselves for it.

Teach Online

Having a YouTube channel where students can view free demo classes can help online coaching classes. EduCoach can also help you with sharing unlisted videos with prospective students safely. It can also help in giving timed access to study videos, so that videos disappear from their feed after specified date-time.

3. Share Demo Study Materials

To get more students online, sharing some demo study material with your prospective students is a good idea. This will give them more clarity on the course that is taught in the institute. Once students can view some content-rich study material as a sample or demo, they are more likely to enroll for online coaching classes. Sharing demo study material not just helps prospective students get a better understanding about the institute, but is also a good way for the institute to leave a lasting impression, as students are very focused while going through the study material. Institute’s website is a good place to host sample study material.

4. Conduct Online Tests

In our 4th tip on how to grow coaching classes online, we would like to share an advanced technique which institutes associated with EduCoach are using every day to get more students online enrolled for their online classes. Conducting online tests serves two purposes.

  1. Gather Leads for Institute.
  2. Showcase Institute’s ability to take online tests.

The idea is simple, but unfortunately, many institutes lack proper means to conduct exams online even for their existing students. ExamPro is an ideal solution for institutes to conduct exams and tests online.

Having a medium where prospective students can test themselves and share their information with the institute is a very powerful way to generate quality leads for the institute. The idea is to create certain tests that are available for anyone to take. With EduCoachPro and ExamPro, we allow institutes to create tests that prospective students can take on their own on the app, thereby helping institutes generate more leads. To know more about how we do it at length give us a call at +91-6260-9696-47.

5. Referral Program: your Students, your Ambassadors

Ever wonder how companies like Zomato, Ola digitize word of mouth by quickly letting users refer them to their friends, thereby enabling them in capturing market at a quicker pace. Institutes can also create their own referral program to grow online classes. Institutes can incentivize students for referring the institute to their friends. Having a solid referral system is vital to grow coaching classes online. It can greatly increase institute’s chances to reach more prospective students and get more students online.

With EduCoach, we streamline running such a referral program. A referral code is generated for every student automatically and also at the time of enrolling any student, we give them an option to mention any referral code.

6. Collect Student Feedbacks

As mentioned above your students are your ambassadors, so it is important for institutes to collect feedback from students. The feedback received serves the following purposes:

  • Let Students know their opinion matters greatly.
  • Improve the overall performance of the institute and teachers.
  • Positive feedback from students can also be used for marketing purposes.

Feedback from students can be collected very easily using surveys or online forms. EduCoach also provides a way to collect feedback from students, even anonymous feedback.

7. Re-engage your Prospective Students effectively

Most institutes do the hard work of reaching out to prospective students through digital and traditional marketing mediums but then fail in converting them to an enrolled student, as they lack a way to re-engage with their prospective students effectively. Institutes need a way to re-engage with prospective students and nurture them to convert them to students. It is not that difficult if we use the right tools during the time period when prospective students are in a dilemma which institute to join.

EduCoach Pro is a one of its kind medium that provides institutes a way to do just that. To know more about why re-engagement is important and how EduCoach Pro gives more value for the buck to institutes, read our blog here. We are certain you will find it thought-provoking.


The above list is not a priority based list. Institutes should think of implementing these to grow coaching classes online. If you find these tips useful, we at EduCoach can also help you in implementing these steps. We are sure that it will help you take your institute to newer heights. If you wish to discuss these tips at length along with ways to manage your institute online, we are always at your disposal, just reach out to us with your queries from here.

We are a young Startup India recognized startup, but we let our product speak for us. You can try EduCoach for free for 15 days without any payment, just sign-up for demo and our team will contact you soon with your account details. We wish all our readers all the very best in all their future endeavors.

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